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The Green Rebuild Toolkit includes resources on planning, designing and constructing a home that meets bushfire resistant design and high home energy efficiency standards, as well as information on systems to make your home affordable to run, such as renewable energy and home heating and cooling systems.  

The Green Rebuild Toolkit website provides expert information on sustainable building design in bushfire prone areas, or explore more on a range of topics including energy efficiency, window selection, solar, batteries and more via Renew’s website and the organisation’s two magazines, Renew and Sanctuary. 

While the Green Rebuild Toolkit is designed for households affected by the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019/20, the essential information here can help others preparing to build in bushfire prone areas of Australia, those looking to renovate an existing property for greater bushfire resistance or even those considering purchasing land to build in bushfire prone areas. 

The Australian Government publication Your Home is also a great place to start for those exploring environmentally sustainable homes for the first time. 

Renew publishes two quarterly magazines, Renew and Sanctuary—both great resources for people looking to live or build sustainably. Annual subscriptions start at just $34.

How to use this website

This website it divided into sections, reflecting key areas of interest for people rebuilding their home. Each section is made up with a number of chapters, including a number of expert feature articles, videos, and, case studies. 

As you explore the Toolkit, you will notice sidebar links to other chapters of interest. Additionally, blue boxes indicate links to useful external resources. 

This Toolkit is designed to grow—we will continue to add resources and content. Please let us know if there is something that you think that we should include. 

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